Biography of Acting Corporal Alfred Joseph Blundy MM (9563)
1st Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment
Died 21st November 1919


  • Name: Alfred Joseph Blundy
  • Date of birth: 1893
  • Place of Birth: Folkingham, Lincolnshire, England
  • Date of Birth Registration: April – June 1893
  • Place of Birth Registration: Bourne, Lincolnshire, England


  • Name: Samuel Blundy
  • DOB: 1859
  • Place of Birth: Folkingham, Lincolnshire, England
  • Occupation: Postman


  • Name: Harriet Holmes
  • DOB: 1865
  • Place Of Birth: Folkingham, Lincolnshire, England
  • Marriage: 5th July 1892 Folingham, Lincolnshire, England

Siblings: (Name), (DOB), (POB)

  • Alfred Joseph Blundy, 1893, Folkingham
  • Samuel Blundy, 1894, Folkingham
  • Mary Letitia Blundy, 1896, Folkingham
  • George Blundy, 1898, Folkingham
  • Andrey Pretoria Blundy, 1900, Folkingham
  • Harry Blundy, 1902, Folkingham
  • Frank Blundy, 1904, Folkingham (died 1904)
  • Harriet Blundy, 1909, Folkingham


  • 1901: Alfred is living with his parents at Tan Yard, Folkingham, Lincolnshire.
  • 1911: Alfred is living with his parents at Tan Yard, Folkingham, Lincolnshire. The census gives him an age of 17 and he is listed as a tailor.

Relatives in services

Alfred’s brother Samuel also fought in WW1 in the Lincolnshire Regiment and then Maching Gun Corps but returned.


  • No marriage for Alfred has been found and because of his age we can assume that he never had the opportunity to marry.

Newspaper Mentions:

  • Grantham Journal Saturday 26 September 1914
    A FOLKINGHAM LAD’s EXPERIENCE – Mr. and Mrs. Blundy, of Folkingham, whose ywo sons are serving as privates with the LIncolns in France, were greaty upset in receipt of a postcord from the younger boy, Sam, saying that he had heard or seen nothing of his brother Joe since the 28th August, but that he himself was at that time all right.  The two brothers had up to then been in close touch, but somewhere about the time of the retreat from Mons he missed his brother.  About three weeks had elapsed, when a letter from the missing lad recieved stating he had not been with his regiment for some time, himself and a party having lost their regiment during a retirement.  After wandering about, they appear to have fallen in with a party of sick and wounded.  Although the letter is nery vague, and gives no definite information (having passed through the hands of the censor), it is evident the lad and his party had a trying experience.  The cover of the letter bears unmistakeable signs of the drastic measures employed by the censor, the postmarks being completely obliterated with indelible ink.  We rejoice with Mr. and Mrs. Blundy in thoer good news, and trust that the boys return safely.


  • Grantham Journal Saturday 21st November 1914
    ANOTHER WOUNDED SOLDIER – We learn that Pte. J. Blundy, who is out fighting with the Lincolns, has received a nasty shell wound in the knee and is now at the Hospital somewhere in France.  His parents have recieved a postcard from him, but, beyond the bare facts that he is going on well and has been admitted to hospital, it conveys no other information.  Pte. J. Blundy was lost for some tome during the earlier part of the waar.  His brother, Corporal S. Blundy, has so far escaped injury, though he has been engaged from the first in some severe engagements.


  • Grantham Journal Saturday 5th December 1914
    CONVALESCENT – We are pleased to learn that both Pte. William Hovell and Pte. Jos. Blundy, who were reported a few weeks ago as badly wounded, are now so far recovered as to be able to be sent back to hospital in England to recuperate. Pte. Howell writes to say he is going on splendidly, and is in hospital at Portsmouth; while Pte. Blundy also is going on favourably, and is now in Hospital at Sheffield.  Pte. Blundy’d brother, Corpl. Blundy, has up to the time of writing escaped injury, and has been through the whole of the engagements with the Lincolns from the commencement of the war.  Mr. Pile had a surprise visit from his son Percy, who had obtained a few days’ leave last week-end and travelled from France, where he is attached to the Army Service Corps.  He paid a flying visit to his home, and from what we could gather he is confident of the ultimate success of our arms, and gives a glorious account of the up-to-date manner in which the men are being fed and looked after in the trenches.


  • Lincolnshire Echo Thursday 24th December 1914
    Blundy, 9563 Pte. A. J.


  • Grantham Journal Saturday 2nd January 1915
    WOUNDED SOLDIERS – Two of our Folkingham boys wounded in the defence of the Empire had so far recovered as to be able to spend their Christmas day with their friends and parents at Folkingham. Pte. J Blundy surprised his parents by his arrival home on Christmas eve, having been discharged from Hospital and Pte W Patman is also at Folkingham, regaining strenght after his wounds.


  • The Times Saturday February 6th 1915
    Blundy 9563 A. J.


  • Birmingham Daily Post Saturday 6th February 1915
    BLUNDY, 9563, Pte. A. J., Lincolnshire Regiment


  • Grantham Journal Saturday 12 February 1916
    ON SHORT LEAVE – Pte. J. Blundy, of the Lincoln Regiment, paid a visit to his parents last week.  Arriving straight from the trouches, his visit was a great surprise to his parents.  He has had some very close shaves during his last spell of service, having been away for close on nine months.  Pte. Blundy, who joined the Regulars previous to the outbreak of war, was in the famous retreat from Mons, when, with other comrades, he was lost, and narrowly escaped being taken prisoner.  He returned to his duties on Tuesday.


  • Grantham Journal Saturday 29th November 1919
    At Folkingham, on November 21st, Alfred Joseph Blundy, M.M. (late Captain, Lincolns), aged 26 years.
    Mrs. Blundy and Family wish to thank friends for sympathy in their second bereavement, especially Nurse Chambers for her kindness and willing attention.


  • Grantham Journal Saturday 29th November 1919
    OBITUARY – The passing away of two well-known and greatly-respected inhabitants of Folkingham has to be recorded. viz., Mr. Tom Wilkinson and Lance-Corpl. J. Blundy.  Mr. Wilkinson, whose death took place suddenly was an old resident and was generally recognised as a skilled agricultural workman.  One of his hobboes was bell-ringing, and he was never so happy as when helping in a peal or instructing a young learner in the fascinating art.  During his career as a ringer, he visited the neighbouring Churches for many miles and was well known amongst the ringing fraternity.  As a member of the local Foresters Friendly Society, he was much respected and had passed through the chairs, attainingthe honour of Chief Ranger during the introduction of the Natioal Insurance Act, and holding the office for two successive years.  The funeral took place on Monday, the remains being followed by a large gathering of relatives and representatives of the Foresters, ringers, and Labourers’ Union.  Deep expressions of sympathy were shown with the bereaved parent, brothers, and sisters of Lance Corpl. J. Blundy, who, having served as a regular soldier before the war was one of the “contemptible little army” which survived the great ordeal.  His death occurred after a long and painful illness on Friday week.  The funeral was attended by a large gathering of relatives and sympathising friends, the coffin being borne by former comrades in khaki.


  • Grantham Journal Saturday 27th November 1920
    BLUNDY – In loving memory of Alfred Joseph Blundy, who died November 21st, 1919, aged 26 years.The fondest of memories is all that is left
    Of a dear, loving son and brother-
    One of the best.
    Dearer to memory than words can tell
    Are the thoughts of him we loved so well.
    The tears that I shed. though in secret they roll,
    Shall long keep his memory green in my soul.



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    • Folkingham, Roll of Honour in St Andrews Church


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